What is a makerspace?

  • A makerspace is a community workshop that is equipped with all manner of tools and machinery that is commonly too expensive or takes up too much space for most people to have at home.
  • It is also a connection point for passionate, creative people or anyone who wants to learn, discover and share in making.

What equipment do you have?

  • As of Feb 2017, we have a few 3D printers and, to be honest, not much else.  Without premises to house all of the dreamy equipment we have on our wish-list we haven’t pushed ahead with acquiring tools yet.  We do have an equipment fund and a list as long as your arm of toys that we know everyone is going to love.  Watch this space (now that we’ve got premises secured!).

When is the Makerspace open?

  • As of Feb 2017, we have a ‘maker’s corner’ at the Digital Greenhouse in St Peter Port.  Pop in during business hours to see if one of the team is kicking about and able to chat.  Once we are properly installed in our new home we shall be open day-times for new faces to pop in and check us out and 24/7 for members with secure card access.

Who is behind the Makerspace?

  • The core team of dreamers is Jim Rouse, Adrian Ritchie and Marcel Lenormand.  This wider team is growing all the time.  Please shout if you’d like to get more involved.

Who can join?

  • Pretty much anyone will be able to join and use the space and tools.  Under 16s (maybe under 18s) will need to be accompanied by a responsible adult.  We’ve got to straighten the age limit out with the insurance company.

How much is it to join?

  • Not much.  Our intention is that it will be very cheap to join but to use more advanced equipment will require a small amount of training to ensure your safety then your monthly membership fee will also increase.  We’re working on the exact numbers at the moment.

What if I have an accident?

  • We strongly advise against having an accident but we do recognise that it will probably happen.  Membership of Makerspace Guernsey will include insurance in case something nasty occurs.

How can I support Makerspace Guernsey?

  • There are many ways you can help, like; word-of-mouth, tools, materials, time and money.  Please drop us line to discuss how you can help this community project be the best it can be.

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