Ongoing renovation works

We continue to plug away at the building using the following method:

  1. make a mess
  2. clear the mess
  3. repeat

It seems there’s a never-ending list of tasks but when you look back for a moment it’s clear that we have actually come along way already.


Shed Update

We’ve just conducted an epic exercise in teamwork:-  “Scaffolding Day™”

HUGE thanks to everyone that helped — particularly Ian who flew down from Scotland and Victor from Paulo’s Gardening Works.  It was an extremely satisfying activity as everyone self-organised into chains.

We have the scaffolding until the 30th June so we urgently require help to get the roof sorted out — especially tradesmen.  Please shout if you can join us!  (

Shed developments

It’s slow progress but progress nonetheless.  Over a series of Saturdays and weekdays, many tons of detritus have been removed from the sheds, sorted then relocated or dumped.  Demolition of the internal stud-work structures has begun and repairs to the north-facing windows is underway.  There is now a functioning toilet and the greenhouse vents (aka ‘lights’) have been fixed so that they can be electrically operated.

We’re very grateful that funding has been secured for the Men’s Shed to renovate the building — primarily to a wind and watertight state — so soon, very soon, the major work begins on the roof!

Edible Farm Recon

On Saturday 5th November a group of makers and Lightbulbers met with Jon Pettitt at the Edible Guernsey Farm in St Peters.  The offer extended to us is for packing sheds and more for Makerspace to inhabit.  The question on our minds is “can we create a Makerspace and Men’s Shed here, alongside the other things we have vision for, and serve the Edible vision too?”



Jon gave us the guided tour of the 5 acre site — both under modern and derelict glass.  Of particular interest are the packing sheds but it’s fair to say that they need a lot of work to get them habitable.



There was a degree of excitement at the potential of the site and co-location with both Edible and other potential activities.  Our mission now is to seek support to whip the sheds into shape.  Any offers of help will be gratefully received — please get in touch!