April Holiday Workshops

After quite an epic hiatus, Maker School returns with some workshops for the holidays!

11-15th April 2016
10am-12:30pm at The Digital Greenhouse, St Peter Port
£25 per session.  Ages 9+  Spaces limited
Contact: marcel.lenormand@gmail.com

Monday Morning Tear-Down

Disassemble.  Destroy.  Dismantle.  Discover!  Taking things apart is a GREAT way to learn what goes on in the devices we use every day.  In a guided and thoughtful way we’ll be breaking the seal on a range of gear and harvesting the parts for future use.

Expect motors, LEDs, circuit boards and more.
  (no mains electricity!)

Wednesday:  Scuttle Robot Build
Building Marcel’s cool vibrating robots from scratch.  We’ll be using motors that were harvested on Monday plus batteries and nailbrushes then soldering and hot gluing them into action!Alert: This will be fun.
Thursday: LEGO Challenge
Come and play with a ton of LEGO and be challenged to do the impossible!  Expect head-scratching, brick-smashing frustration and jubilant success!
Friday: Scuttle Robot Wars™
Wild robotic action and battles.  If you came to the build session on Wednesday; GREAT!  If not, no problem.  We’ll put them together for you today and everyone will create their own combat body-shell.Note: take home your Scuttle Robot™


Sea Glass Jewelry?

Over the Christmas holidays, I’ve been thinking about getting outside in the fresh air. However, I’m not normally in the habit of doing something without a good reason to do it.  So I had to come up with a reason for going outside.  With Guernsey being surrounded by the sea I figured I’d head out to the beaches and see what I could find in the way of sea glass.

Sea glass are bottles, jars, etc. that have been discarded into the sea and have been broken and smoothed by the action of waves on stones and sand.  The following pictures show what I was able to find on just two trips:


I’m not really an artistic person, so I’m unlikely to use it myself.  I’ll probably donate it to people that come along to Make Space once it’s set up.  If you want to get your hands on it, sign up to the newsletter.  I would love for an artist to be able to make something beautiful from these items which someone else considered to be junk.