Digital Greenhouse and the Half-term Make-A-Thon

As some of you already know, the Digital Greenhouse is kindly letting us use their facility as a base for operations as they prepare to open our first full-time community workshop. We’re extremely grateful for the support and encouragement from DG and we’re looking forward to more collaborations going forward.

To celebrate, we’re intending to host a series of open events in the new Digital Greenhouse facility. The first event will be held over the week of half-term, Monday 22nd to Friday 26th February. Over the course of the week we will be attempting to build an open source BQ Ciclop 3D scanner, using BQs electronics package and parts printed on the Ultimaker. The scanner will then become permanent Makerspace equipment. If you have any ideas for other build projects for future events please tell us.

It’s an open event, all week. Come along and chat, help out, bring along stuff you’re working on.

BQ Ciclop Electronics
BQ Electronics kit for the Ciclop comes with a purpose built Arduino compatible control board, motor drivers, laser line modules, webcam and power supply.

Popup Makerspace on TV

Big thanks to BBC Guernsey and ITV for the coverage and support!  Aug 2015



Getting Started With 3D Printing

With the excuse of getting it to kickstart the Makerspace equipment inventory, I went and bought an Ultimaker 2 3D printer a couple of weeks ago. Having looked around at the various purchasing options, I settled on buying the printer from PrintME 3D in the UK.  Living on Guernsey there are a couple of things we consider when shopping online:

  • Does the seller take off VAT?
  • What is the extra shipping cost to Guernsey?

PrintME 3D were great on both these fronts.  They took off the VAT automatically on the website and the shipping to Guernsey was only £20, which is incredible considering the size and weight of the printer.  Not only that but I placed the order on Sunday 26th April, PrintMe 3D dispatched it the next day and TNT delivered it to me two days later, on the Wednesday.  That’s pretty good turn around for a big parcel in my books.

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3D Printing – Not Just For Humans

Here’s a neat 3D printing video that will warm your heart on a cold winters night:

I’ve seen 3D printed prosthetic limbs for humans before but prosthetics for a dog is a new one on me.

Jonathan Brand: 3D Printed Motorcycle

When you think of home 3D printers what do you imagine being made?  I’m guessing it’s almost certainly a small plastic item which is printed in one go.   I’m also guessing that a life-size model of a motorcycle wouldn’t enter your mind.  But that’s exactly what Jonathon Brand creating with his open-source Unimake 3D Printer.  As an avid motorcyclist I find this absolutely stunning, the level of detail and the translucent appearance.

More pictures can be seen on the Ultimaker website:



3D Printing Artificial Blood Vessels

Did you think that 3D printing was all about hobbyists sat at home in their garages printing out poor quality models and toys in plastic?  Well think again!

Makers around the world have been taking designs for open source 3D printers and adapting them to print with pretty much any paste substance.  Want to print ceramics? You got it! Icing sugar? Of course you can! What about silicone? Easy peasy!

Of course, being able to print with these substances is only the first step. Once that’s possible is then a case of re-imagining what these can be used for.

Take the example of printing with sugar.  Scientists in the USA dared to think the impossible and tried to have a go at printing artificial blood vessels.  The sugar is printed in a lattice network which is then immersed in a gel enriched with liver cells. Once the gel is set the sugar lattice is washed away with water to produce the vessels through the gel through which oxygen and nutrient enriched fluid is pumped.

Now that’s thinking outside the box!