Shed developments

It’s slow progress but progress nonetheless.  Over a series of Saturdays and weekdays, many tons of detritus have been removed from the sheds, sorted then relocated or dumped.  Demolition of the internal stud-work structures has begun and repairs to the north-facing windows is underway.  There is now a functioning toilet and the greenhouse vents (aka ‘lights’) have been fixed so that they can be electrically operated.

We’re very grateful that funding has been secured for the Men’s Shed to renovate the building — primarily to a wind and watertight state — so soon, very soon, the major work begins on the roof!

Lightbulb Night’s 5th Birthday Party

Way back in the yonder years, two stooges with a desire to see a makerspace in Guernsey set out to build a community from which the space could follow.  The mission: to gather a diverse range of passionate, creative people, mash them together and see what happens.

Blink your eyes and we’re 5 years old!!

It used to be called Nerd Nights.  In 2016 we merged with a similar group (one year old at the time); BeerCodeDesign and became… Lightbulb Nights!

Would you like come to our party?  There’ll be cake!  😉

5th Birthday Flyer