Getting Started With 3D Printing

With the excuse of getting it to kickstart the Makerspace equipment inventory, I went and bought an Ultimaker 2 3D printer a couple of weeks ago. Having looked around at the various purchasing options, I settled on buying the printer from PrintME 3D in the UK.  Living on Guernsey there are a couple of things we consider when shopping online:

  • Does the seller take off VAT?
  • What is the extra shipping cost to Guernsey?

PrintME 3D were great on both these fronts.  They took off the VAT automatically on the website and the shipping to Guernsey was only £20, which is incredible considering the size and weight of the printer.  Not only that but I placed the order on Sunday 26th April, PrintMe 3D dispatched it the next day and TNT delivered it to me two days later, on the Wednesday.  That’s pretty good turn around for a big parcel in my books.

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