Royal Institute Christmas Lectures: How to Hack Your Home

The Royal Institute Christmas Lectures are all about inspiring children, as they are the future scientists, engineers, artists, entrepreneurs.  This year the lectures are titled Sparks Will Fly: How to hack your home. This evening was the first of the 2014 series of lectures.  This one was about lightbulbs and showing how these can be combined to create screens:

Danielle George looks at the light bulb to show how to hack, adapt and transform technologies found in the home to have fun and make a difference to the world.

If you missed tonight’s episode, you can still watch it again on BBC iPlayer:

There are two more episodes in the series:

30/12/2014Danielle George looks at how to hack, adapt and transform using a phone’s technology.

31/12/2014Danielle George attempts to use simple motors to construct the greatest robot orchestra.


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