123D Circuits from Autodesk

I’ve been reading the (audio) book The Maker Movement Manifesto by Mark Hatch.  This book is pretty much a blueprint for workshop that we’re in the process of setting up in Guernsey.  Many of the case studies are taken from Techshop, a chain of maker workshops across the USA, of which he is CEO. Throughout the book he makes reference to Autodesk software, which is used for designing products to be machined on CNC and laser cutter machines, etc.

My experience of Autodesk is of AutoCAD and, at £1500, isn’t really designed for the hobbyist maker.  However, what I was reading indicated that Autodesk may have a range of software aimed at makers.  That’s exactly what I found in the 123D apps.

This evening I’ve been playing around with 123D Circuits.  This is a web app that allows you to build virtual electronics circuits.  It’s even got support for Arduino boards!  To test this out, I took a simple example project for Arduino, an electronic die, and tried to build it in 123D Circuits.  This is the result:

This is a really great way to get started with Arduino, without having to spend a penny on buying one for yourself.

Rest assured, once Make Space is up and running, we’ll have Arduinos available for playing and prototyping.  So get a head start with testing out your ideas in 123D Circuits now!

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