Shed developments

It’s slow progress but progress nonetheless.  Over a series of Saturdays and weekdays, many tons of detritus have been removed from the sheds, sorted then relocated or dumped.  Demolition of the internal stud-work structures has begun and repairs to the north-facing windows is underway.  There is now a functioning toilet and the greenhouse vents (aka ‘lights’) have been fixed so that they can be electrically operated.

We’re very grateful that funding has been secured for the Men’s Shed to renovate the building — primarily to a wind and watertight state — so soon, very soon, the major work begins on the roof!

Lightbulb Night’s 5th Birthday Party

Way back in the yonder years, two stooges with a desire to see a makerspace in Guernsey set out to build a community from which the space could follow.  The mission: to gather a diverse range of passionate, creative people, mash them together and see what happens.

Blink your eyes and we’re 5 years old!!

It used to be called Nerd Nights.  In 2016 we merged with a similar group (one year old at the time); BeerCodeDesign and became… Lightbulb Nights!

Would you like come to our party?  There’ll be cake!  😉

5th Birthday Flyer

That was Digital ACE 2017

The Makerspace team had a fab time at the Digital ACE event last weekend.  A remarkable number of people crowded the Beau Sejour Concourse — estimated to be around 2,500.  We enjoyed lots of very interesting conversations with people intrigued by this ‘makerspace’ thing and what we’re up to.

Alongside a couple of 3D printers and our ‘Screen Totem™’ we introduced our prototype robots that we’re developing for a upcoming Robot Games challenge.  We are in the process of putting together kits of standard parts — including everything from radio control systems to motors and wood — that can be used to build robots that can compete in a range of challenges.  Keep an eye on our website — or indeed join our mailing list — for updates of our progress and launch.

Thanks to the organisers of the event which aims to inspire people, particularly children, to use the internet to it’s fullest potential and to do so safely.

Digital ACE Event

DigitalACE 2016

Saturday Feb 11th sees the Digital ACE event happening at Beau Sejour from 12 ’til 5pm.

This is Makerspace’s second year of involvement.  Last year we had a ball meeting lots of people and showing them 3D printing and laser etching.

We will be launching a new robotics initiative at the event so come along and have a play!

At Large in the Community

We had a busy weekend recently…

Friday 18 Nov, at Beau Sejour for the States’ Services exhibition/showcase thing and Sunday 20 Nov, at Beau Sejour again for our first Charities Faire.

Friday was numerically quiet but we did get some excellent conversations with people interested in the Makerspace.  Sunday was a very different affair producing hundreds conversations with the public.

Our stand showed off three 3D printers, a 3D scanner, our homemade laser etcher, a couple of our spirograph machines and a plethora of pick-up conversation starters.

Happily, the two events back-to-back spurred us into completing our ScreenTotem™ which now has six(6) screens and new video content!



…big thanks to some of the boys from the homeschooling community for help in rewiring the ScreenTotem™!

Edible Farm Recon


On Saturday 5th November a group of makers and Lightbulbers met with Jon Pettitt at the Edible Guernsey Farm in St Peters.  The offer extended to us is for packing sheds and more for Makerspace to inhabit.  The question on our minds is “can we create a Makerspace and Men’s Shed here, alongside the other things we have vision for, and serve the Edible vision too?”



Jon gave us the guided tour of the 5 acre site — both under modern and derelict glass.  Of particular interest are the packing sheds but it’s fair to say that they need a lot of work to get them habitable.



There was a degree of excitement at the potential of the site and co-location with both Edible and other potential activities.  Our mission now is to seek support to whip the sheds into shape.  Any offers of help will be gratefully received — please get in touch!

What is Makerspace?


A makerspace is a community workshop with all sorts of tools and equipment that can be used by members.  Many exist around the world and we think Guernsey needs one.

Beyond the basics of a workshop, we believe there is a lot of crossover with other activities which we want to embrace.

Here’s an illustration of things we want to be connected with.  It is by no means exhaustive.  Add your suggestions as a comment.


Men’s Sheds

mens-sheds-logoAt the Thrive2020 conference of Mon 10 Oct 2016, Patrick Abrahams spoke about the Men’s Sheds initiative which has over 350 sheds in the UK, 900+ in Australia and more beyond.

These ‘sheds’ are workspaces where men (and women) can gather to build and repair projects for themselves or others in the community.  There’s also a emphasis on tea drinking!  :)

It overlaps hugely with what we’re planning for Makerspace Guernsey so his talk has given us renewed vigour to get a venue sorted out and get going.  Thank you Patrick!

Check them out…

Watch Patrick’s Thrive2020 talk…

April Holiday Workshops


After quite an epic hiatus, Maker School returns with some workshops for the holidays!

11-15th April 2016
10am-12:30pm at The Digital Greenhouse, St Peter Port
£25 per session.  Ages 9+  Spaces limited

Monday Morning Tear-Down

Disassemble.  Destroy.  Dismantle.  Discover!  Taking things apart is a GREAT way to learn what goes on in the devices we use every day.  In a guided and thoughtful way we’ll be breaking the seal on a range of gear and harvesting the parts for future use.

Expect motors, LEDs, circuit boards and more.
  (no mains electricity!)

Wednesday:  Scuttle Robot Build
Building Marcel’s cool vibrating robots from scratch.  We’ll be using motors that were harvested on Monday plus batteries and nailbrushes then soldering and hot gluing them into action!Alert: This will be fun.
Thursday: LEGO Challenge
Come and play with a ton of LEGO and be challenged to do the impossible!  Expect head-scratching, brick-smashing frustration and jubilant success!
Friday: Scuttle Robot Wars™
Wild robotic action and battles.  If you came to the build session on Wednesday; GREAT!  If not, no problem.  We’ll put them together for you today and everyone will create their own combat body-shell.Note: take home your Scuttle Robot™